Developer | June 2021 - Present

  • Steered cross-functional team projects, working with designers and backend developers, to successfully launch and continuously develop Shopify Inbox, an innovative messaging platform using React, GraphQL, and Redux; achieved 297% monthly active user growth over two years.
  • Led a transformative frontend initiative using React and GraphQL, overcoming complex UI challenges, resulting in a 90% surge in user engagement for a key feature.
  • Pioneered the integration of an AI feature utilizing ChatGPT, positioning our team at the forefront of innovation and resulting in a substantial increase in user engagement with the feature.
  • Proposed and then led the design and implementation of color contrast accessibility enhancements using TypeScript to streamline merchant color selection, improving user experience for 130k+ merchants.
  • Transformed Shopify Inbox analytics into a real-time dashboard using React and GraphQL, pioneering the use of internal reporting frameworks and charting libraries, a first within the teams.
  • Assumed service ownership of the Shopify Inbox widget codebase during the critical Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, ensuring SLOs were consistently met, maintaining 99.99% uptime.
  • Demonstrated leadership by spearheading a multi-team rewrite of a checkout and storefront preview component/library and implementing end-to-end testing with Playwright within six months of joining the checkout team.
  • Implemented end-to-end tests for Checkout Editor using Playwright, catching two major code regressions within the first weeks of use. Established advanced testing patterns with Jest, enhancing team's development efficiency.


Lead Engineer | May 2016 - May 2021

  • Engineered UX/UI features using React and Redux for a large-scale web application, leading to a strategic partnership with National Institutes of Health.
  • Led the migration from legacy Polymer to Vue for a large-scale application, increasing development efficiency by 50% and improving feature testability. My strategic approach allowed developers to use both legacy components while developing new components in Vue. Post-migration, we gradually transitioned the old components, optimizing our timeline and expediting the release of the new codebase.
  • Mastered Nuxt to develop a high-impact publishing application that optimized SEO and rendered pages in two seconds or less.
  • Initiated an asynchronous process for my team to optimize productivity and to ensure that sprint commitments are consistently met while working remotely during COVID.
  • Led Agile practices as volunteer Scrum Master for the data management team, improving sprint completion rate by 20% and enhancing team collaboration.
  • Spearheaded development of an internal React-based frontend component library, overcoming integration hurdles, boosting developer productivity by 30% across multiple projects.


Lead Developer | June 2013 - May 2016

  • Developed websites and interactive experiences using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress for high-profile clients including professional sports teams and universities, such as Philadelphia Eagles, Notre Dame, University of Florida, and UCLA.
  • Led development of WordPress websites and frontend systems, leveraging expertise in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to deliver dynamic and engaging online experiences.

Past Roles

  • Interactive Director at Mighty Engine, Frontend Developer at Saforian, spearheading innovative web development projects, delivering impactful marketing websites, experiences, and campaigns for clients.


Art Institute of Pittsburgh

BS Interactive Media Design

Studied UI/UX design and development, with an emphasis on development.


My dog Rosie, video games, foodie, sports, and exploring breweries.


  • Frontend Technologies: JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Vue, Nuxt, HTML/CSS/Sass/PostCSS
  • Development Tools: Vite/Webpack, Git/SVN, Storybook, CI with Buildkite/Jenkins/GitHub Actions
  • Testing and Optimization: Unit testing with Jest, E2E testing with Cypress/Playwright
  • Serverless and JAMstack: Serverless functions (Vercel/Netlify/AWS Lambda), JAMstack
  • Other Skills: GraphQL, Ramda, Tailwind CSS, Accessibility best practices